About Us

About Us

St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic School was founded in 1949 by the Archdiocese of Louisville, one year after St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church, in response to the rapid expansion of the suburban area along Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky. St. Raphael school was under the direction of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, who served St. Raphael School until 1996. The St. Raphael community is approaching its 75th anniversary and there is great energy around preserving tradition while looking forward to making improvements for the continued success of the community. St. Raphael is located in the Upper Highlands of Louisville– 15 minutes from downtown, but just minutes away from outlying suburbs. This makes our geographical location within the city central and ideal for many families looking to find a strong Catholic community and education. Many students at St. Raphael live in the neighborhoods surrounding the school, but overall St. Raphael serves students from 30 zip codes. 

One of the greatest strengths of our school community is a shared commitment to Catholic education between our staff, school parents, and our parish at large. There is a strong tradition of a supportive community fully committed to the success of Catholic education. The St. Raphael school community values long held traditions which include heavy school involvement in the parish summer picnic, a Lenten Passion Play performed by our middle school students, the prayer partner program which pairs sixth through eighth grade students with Kindergarten through second students, Grandparents Day, the Passing of Leadership from eighth to seventh graders, a thriving middle school House system, and a student Honor Code which has been recited daily for more than fifteen years. Enjoyment of these traditions is shared across generations as 25% of our students are children of former graduates and 7% of our students have grandparents who are St. Raphael graduates as well. 

St. Raphael’s faculty follows the Archdiocese of Louisville Curriculum Guide which provides a framework in which to design, implement, and assess key concepts and skills in each grade level. This curriculum challenges students in order to prepare them for the next step in their educational journey and our faculty communicates high expectations for all students. St. Raphael school implements multiple programs and supports in order to encourage, develop, and challenge all students academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. St. Raphael’s principal started a program in 2017 called “Caught You Being Great” to encourage students of all grade levels to be thoughtful and helpful. Faculty and staff present students they catch going above and beyond with a “Caught You Being Great” form which the student can share with the principal to be read over morning announcements. St. Raphael’s counselor conducts whole group and small group lessons with each grade level at least once a month in order to give students essential strategies for navigating age appropriate social -emotional issues. St. Raphael also implements Virtues in Practice, a program designed by the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia, for all grades to study a virtue each month and focus on concrete ways to implement that virtue in their lives. 

Students participate in a variety of programs that provide academic and social encouragement and support. At St. Raphael, mentoring is incorporated into all academic levels, providing students the opportunity to make social connections with students of other ages while also often receiving academic support. Mentoring opportunities also provide our oldest students with opportunities to learn how to be a good role model for others.  St. Raphael has a full time Learning Coordinator who oversees a peer tutoring program as well as the writing and implementation of Student Accommodation Plans and Student Strategy Plans which provide necessary supports for students with official diagnoses or other learning challenges. The Learning Coordinator is also spearheading the implementation of RTI (Response to Intervention) beginning in grades K-2. Kindergarten through second grade teachers are using MAP and classroom assessment data to begin implementing RTI in their PLC group. Teachers are collaborating to identify students in need of specific interventions, working with peer and adult mentors to implement these interventions, and tracking student growth as a result of the RTI process. This initiative will continue to move into upper grades in spring 2020 and into the next school year. 

St. Raphael has been the honored recipient of the National Blue Ribbon Award in 1997, 2003, and 2020. St. Raphael’s school community is thriving and remains committed to its core values of Faith, Community, Achievement, and Leadership.


St. Raphael the Archangel School is a faith-filled, Catholic community serving God, families, and children by instilling the core values of faith, community, academic excellence, and leadership.

Faculty Mission Statement

We prepare our students to live productive and moral lives as self-directed, lifelong learners, with a strong foundation for future success by providing quality instruction in a friendly and caring environment.


St. Raphael will be an exemplary Catholic school, worthy of the Gospel, with Christ as its vision, embracing families with a diversity of faiths, traditions, and cultures.


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