Led by Pre-Kindergarten Director Erika Nygard, the St. Raphael Archangel Catholic School Pre-Kindergarten program is a full-day program for children who will be four by August 1. Our new Pre-K classroom is located on the lower level of St. Raphael School and is outfitted with a myriad of toys and tools for creative, play-based learning.

We recognize all children learn and develop in different ways. Our Pre-K program is designed to nurture each child’s unique nature and prepare them for success as they begin their educational journeys. Research has shown that play-based learning is essential to a child’s development as a whole person. A play-oriented classroom is one that is able to incorporate discovery, problem-solving, problem-finding, cooperation, persistence, oral language, and creativity successfully into its curriculum. At St. Raphael, our goal is to ignite the curiosity within your child in a faith-filled environment, while giving them the skills they need to transition on to Kindergarten. Our methods are based in science, but your child will only see fun.

About the director - Erika Nygard

Erika Nygard recently moved to Louisville from Austin, Texas, where she lived for four years, married her husband Cody, and finished graduate school. She holds a degree in education from Liberty University, as well as a M.Ed. in Elementary Education from Texas State University. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in education at Bellarmine University with emphasis in literacy-based practices in early development — examining young learners in poverty and exploring the intersection of play and creative writing. She is a seasoned folk musician and loves to bring music to the classroom.

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