Financial Information

Financial Information

There are several types of financial assistance available to families, including School Choice Scholarships, Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) Grants, PSAS Assistance, St. Raphael Parish Assistance, and Archdiocesan Vouchers. Forms are available in February for the upcoming school year and will be announced in the school newsletter. All sources of assistance are automatically accessed for you using the same application form. Even if you don’t qualify for PSAS awards because your income is above the cut-off number, if you are close, you are encouraged to complete the application as other sources may be available to you. Click here for the current information on how to apply for financial assistance.

Assistance from the CEF, PSAS, the parish, and the Archdiocese may or may not still be available after the initial deadline for application has passed. However, if there is a major life change, parents should still complete and submit an application as funds may still be available in the second round of review.

While other forms of assistance are available to both parishioners and non-parishioners, St. Raphael Parish Assistance is available only to registered parishioners who return their Stewardship Intention Card, demonstrate consistent contributions through Sunday envelopes, and give their time and talent to the parish. If transferring a Parish membership from another local or out-of-town church, the following must occur:

  • One parent as well as the children must be Catholic and must register as members of the St. Raphael Parish. A Parish Registration Form and a Stewardship Intention Card must be completed and returned to the Parish Resource Center to finalize registration in the Parish.
  • A “Confirmation of Good Standing” form must be completed by the Pastor at the former Parish in order to receive parishioner tuition rate. If this cannot be provided from the former Parish at the time of Parish registration at St. Raphael, a non-parishioner tuition rate will be charged for one complete school year and until “Good Standing” has been established at St. Raphael Parish.

Policy for Maintaining Parishioner Tuition Rate

In order to maintain parishioner tuition status and continue to qualify for parishioner tuition rate, parishioners must return their Stewardship Intention Card each year on the designated Stewardship Renewal Sunday. Failure to return your Stewardship Intention Card by the due date will result in the assignment of non-parishioner rate for one complete school year. After that time, tuition status will be reviewed for reinstatement at the parishioner rate.

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