School Advisory Council

School Advisory Council

The Pastor establishes the School Advisory Council (SAC), in accordance with Archdiocesan policy, to assist him and the Principal in the governance of St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic school. The establishment of school policy is accomplished through the activity of the SAC.

The SAC is composed of the administrative team (Pastor, Principal, and Parish Manager), ex-officio members (Faculty representative, Parent Teacher Organization representative) and appointed members (parents of children who attend St. Raphael School). The SAC’s responsibilities are to advise in policy matters, while the administrative team carries out the details of administration.


The SAC operates within the context of the parish mission statement, programs, and parish policies that are established by the Pastor and the Parish Council. The Resource Management Committee of the SAC works in tandem with the Financial Management Council to prepare the annual budget of the school.

The SAC also may be consulted in the following areas:

2021 -2022 School Advisory Council Members

  • Father Shayne Duvall, Pastor
  • Jill Tabor, Principal
  • Brad Nunn, Chair
  • Dan Pike, Secretary
  • Stephanie Schrader, Faculty Representative
  • Debbie Selby, Parish Business Manager
  • Kathryn Ford, Assistant Principal
  • Lauren Kelly, PTO Representative
  • Stephanie Peeler
  • Adam Klein
  • Michael Gates

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