Faith Formation

Faith Formation

The moral and religious formation and education of a student has its roots in the home, so our purpose at St. Raphael Catholic school is to build on that Christian home life by giving formal religious instruction. At St. Raphael, we not only teach Catholic doctrine, but we help our students learn to live it.

To accomplish this, the students have classroom instructions given by certified catechists, preparation for the Liturgy, and active participation in the celebrations. All students are encouraged to live out what they have learned and celebrated by undertaking voluntary service projects and by attending religious services with their parents on weekends.

Religious Instruction for Non-Catholic Students

St. Raphael the Archangel School is a Catholic school whose primary mission is providing instruction in the faith. As such, all students enrolled will participate in religious instruction. Non-catholics will attend religion classes with other students and will be expected to do assignments in those classes. Non-Catholic students will participate in the religious instruction and are invited to participate in the evening sacrament-related preparation activities at their grade level.


Sacrament Fees

There are sacrament fees charged as part of the book bill at specific grade levels. Regardless of the child’s religious affiliation, those fees must be paid, as all students will participate in the religious instruction.


Participation in Sacraments

Only baptized Catholics may receive the following sacraments: First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation.

Children of other faiths may be invited to participate in sacrament ceremonies by distributing programs, greeting, ushering, or performing other services appropriate to their grade level, but cannot receive the sacrament itself.


Reconciliation Services

Parents are encouraged to take their children with them to participate in the Communal Penance Services offered by the Parish on a seasonal basis or to private confessions held on the first Saturday of each month. Please check the Parish Sunday bulletin for times by visiting our Parish web site here.



All students attend weekly Mass on Thursdays at 8:15 AM. There may be occasions when this changes, such as when a Holy Day or other special occasion falls during the week. Masses and Virtues in Practice assemblies are noted on the calendar in Sycamore and will appear in the newsletter. Students will attend a monthly Virtues in Practice assembly focused on values and skills developed to educate them for life.



The honor of participating in the Ministry of Altar Server is the choice of the individual student and his/her parents. While this is a parish sponsored activity, not a school sponsored activity, students trained as servers may miss class time to serve funeral Masses or Noon Mass and will serve Mass for the regular school liturgies at their grade level.

Instructions are generally given to 5th grade students who wish to participate. Both Parish School and Parish Sunday School children are eligible. This is a true stewardship opportunity for the parents, as well as the children, since the commitment on the part of the student to become an Altar Server also requires support, encouragement, and commitment from the parents who must see that the server meets his/her obligation. The server schedule for each week is listed in the Parish Sunday Bulletin and also on our Parish web site here.

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